Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Sledding Fun

Last weekend, we took advantage of the snow on the ground and went sledding. Bryan’s brother and our friend Miranda came along. Oh, and Julie’s mom got in on the action, too!

Grace C.

Before Grace was born, our friends, Mike and Katie, had asked us to be at the hospital to capture images of Grace soon after her birth. This request turned out to be a blessing in disguise.… Continue reading

Rory + Miranda Engagement

I (Julie) first met Miranda when we worked together for a non-profit. We eventually met Rory, and we have all been friends ever since. We were excited they gave us the opportunity to… Continue reading

Rory + Miranda Wedding 10.13.12

Photographing Rory and Miranda’s wedding was an awesome way to take part in our friends’ special day! The day was filled with laughter and love. Special thanks to Rory and Miranda for letting… Continue reading

Summer/Fall Adventures

We traveled to Seattle in May for a wedding and to Oregon to visit family during September. Of course we took oodles of photos on both trips, but here are some of our… Continue reading

Chief Joseph Highway

A couple of years ago, Bryan had to drive to Cooke City, MT, for work. Since he had never been awake early enough to see the sunrise, he stopped along the way to snap photos.… Continue reading


This photo was taken a few years ago, but it is still so striking. Winter is beautiful, cold, dark and timeless…this photo captures it all.